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Global Tax Services For U.S. Parent Companies
  • Advice on the U.S. tax aspects of alternative forms for doing business outside the United States and choice of business form in non- US jurisdictions
  • Structuring cross-border mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Advice with respect to intercompany transactions and the documentation thereof
  • Advice with regard to financing foreign subsidiaries, including assistance in determining the best mix of debt and equity
  • Advice with regard to “passthrough” entities
  • Strategies for minimizing the worldwide effective tax rate and increasing earnings after tax
  • Advice with respect to the tax aspects of the ownership and licensing of trademarks, patents and other intangibles
  • Advice regarding the accumulation of profits in foreign jurisdictions, as well as the tax cost (and opportunities) associated with repatriating the earnings to the United States
  • Alternative locations for foreign investment-tax and non-tax business considerations
  • Analysis of proposed changes to international tax laws
  • e-commerce-global tax advice
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